We are located just only 6 kilometer north of Chiang Mai City. In the area of Huay Tueng Tao Lake (The Sea of Chiang Mai) and the award-winning more about caring for the environment. The views are beautiful with the mountains nearby, the big open lake and a clear sky. We’ll take you to fly across the lake with gorgeous view. We guarantee that you’ll never be forgotten!!
The natural and Chiangmai lifestyle are waiting you to share a wonderful experience. You will not regret for choosing Zipline Adventure.

We have been dedicated to showing you Thailand’s true beauty through our unique
zipline experience with total safety ! This is our home, and we are very proud of it.
When you see the beauty of our forests and lagoon we’re sure you will be touched
They are unlike any you have ever seen before


Zipline Equipment

Ziplineadventure combines top-quality equipment, internationally-recognised practices, and years of experience to make this the safest and most comfortable experience possible. After all, we want you to relax, and be awestruck at the amazing sights we’re going to show you inside lagoon
We utilize the toughest, most robust zip-line gear in the world – because the safety of our passengers. Our state-of-the-art courses and double safety lines ensure your total safety



Let us be apart of your holiday! Imagine flying through the tree tops in the biggest rainforest in Chiangmai, exploring a panoramic view of Huai tueng thao Lake (The Sea of Chiang Mai).

Zipline Adventure activities are designed by professional engineers, having years of experience with safety zipline activities. All gear is high quality and safe.