Zipline Adventure Activities


  • 28 Platforms
  • 14 Zipline included 4 longest Ziplines
  • 2 Absils
  • 2 Sky-Bridges
  • 7 Staircase
  • 2 Spural Staircase


  • Terms of service

    1.Have read the below safety policy for the ziplineadventure activity and I have understood and agree to take part in the ziplineadventure activity with full knowledge of the risks that are intrinsic in the skyline adventure activity, including without limitation personal injury or death.

  • 2. I also understand that I am not permitted to carry out this activity if have any of the following condition or injuries:2.1 Pregnancy2.2 Any mental health condition2.3 Diabetes2.4 Epilepsy2.5 Any heart, lung, kidney or liver condition or previous operation or injury.

    2.6 Any back, hip, leg, knee, feet, shoulder, hand, neck injuries.

  • 3. I hereby confirm that:3.1 I have no medical or other condition, injury or injuries including those set out above which mean I cannot participate in the Skyline Adventure.3.2 I am not under the influence of any drugs (recreational, medical or otherwise)3.3 I am not under the influence of alcohol.3.4 I am fit and able to carry out the Skyline Adventure activity.3.5 I weigh less than 120 Kilos.

  • 4. I hereby release Skyline Adventure and waive all claims, liabilities, actions, losses, expenses and costs (including without limitation all medical or hospital costs, repatriation costs and any other personal injury) arising from or which are incurred as a result from my participation in the Skyline Adventure activity except for any liability which may not be excluded under Thai law.

  • 5. I acknowledge that Skyline Adventure is relying on the confirmation and undertaking set out in paragraph 3 above in taking me on the Skyline Adventure activity and I hereby indemnity Skyline Adventure against any losses, liabilities, claims, cost and expenses (including any claims made by any other person carrying out the Skyline Adventure activity at the same time as me) incurred by Skyline Adventure or arising from or as a result of or in connection with my confirmation or undertaking not being correct.5.1 Visitors’s weight must between 20-120 kg5.2 Visitors’s age must between 4 – 70 years5.3 Visitors age between of 4-7 years old must be articulate care from staff. And do together throughout all base activities.5.4 Physically and mentally ready for attend activities5.5 Pregnancy not be allowed to attend